Epal Wooden Pallet

Epal Wooden Pallet

The logistics world would come to a standstill without the EPAL Euro pallet. The most widely-used exchange pallet in the world. It is mainly used in Europe. Around 450 – 500 million are currently in circulation.

EPAL pallets safely cross borders all over the world.

EPAL pallets guarantee smooth transport of goods.

EPAL pallets ensure stable storage of goods.

EPAL pallets ensure maximum occupational safety thanks to their high quality.



Boards: 11

Nails: 78

Blocks: 9

Length: 800 mm

Width: 1,200 mm

Height: 144 mm

Weight: approx. 25 kgSafe working load: 1,500 kg

Maximum additional load: 4,000 kg when stacking

Produced according to the EPAL technical regulations


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