Wood Pellets 15kg bags

Wood Pellets 15kg bags

Wood Pellets – 15kg bags

Access to your pellet store should be sufficiently wide enough, free from obstacles and reasonably level to ensure the safe handling of your Wood Pellets.

Your Wood Pellets will arrive on a 18 tonne lorry.

If access is tricky and you need a 7.5 tonne lorry, please order a Compact pallet (45 x 15kg). We are no longer able to guarantee delivery of a full pallet (65 x 15kg) on a smaller vehicle. The maximum weight on a smaller lorry tail lift is 750kg.

Please bear in mind that pallet trucks will not run effectively on soft ground or loose gravel.


The main brand of ultra premium grade wood pellets in the UK is called Wood Pellets, and it is the only one to provide an Energy Guarantee* of 4800 KWh per tonne. All of the sustainable wood used to make wood pellets is obtained from the UK, and they are BSL registered and fully RHI compliant.

We are currently forced to limit pallets to just one per customer due to the tremendous volume of web orders. If you order numerous items in different sizes, we might have to give you a refund.

Kindly give the delivery period of about 15 working days.

Get a Compact Pallet if your delivery access is difficult and you require a 7.5-ton lorry (45 x 15kg). A whole pallet (65 x 15 kg) on a single day’s delivery is no longer something we can guarantee.The maximum weight on a smaller lorry tail lift is 750kg.

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