Refined Sunflower Oil

Refined Sunflower Oil


Our Refined Sunflower Oil is pressed from sunflower seeds grown in Eastern Europe and Russia. The seeds are crushed, cold pressed, and filtered in one of Spack’s two organic pressing plants in Poland.<br>
The standard process for production is cold pressing and this results in the preservation of essential vitamins and bioactive ingredients.

Sunflower oil deodorized and discolored
Organic refined sunflower oil is filtered and steam treated by using natural bleaching earth, activated carbon, and deodorized and decolorized by citric acid.

This oil has a neutral taste due to the physical refining and is especially suitable for frying and roasting.

Organic Refined High Oleic Sunflower Oil (Deep Frying oil)
Organic high oleic sunflower oil is made from high oleic sunflower seeds that also originate from Europe, Russia, and neighboring countries. The sunflower seeds are pressed at a low temperature and filtered at our organic presses in Poland. Because High Oleic sunflower oil has a high oleic acid content (C18: 1), it is extremely suitable for long-term heating and is mainly sold as refined sunflower oil.

Refining and Winterising
Refined Sunflower Oil can also be sold as a winterized oil. This is an extra step in the refining process, where the oils are de-waxed. The presence of waxes in oil can cause coagulation when the temperature is low. If the oil is used to be packed in retail bottles, the oil will be winterized in order to prevent this and thus the oil maintains its transparent appearance.

Use of Cold pressed Organic Sunflower Oil
Our Organic cold pressed sunflower oil has a characteristic flavor and the taste is perfectly suited for cold dishes such as salads, sauces, smoothies, and juices.

Sunflower oil contains 90% unsaturated fats and is rich in vitamin E. It is one of the more healthy oils for cooking, instead of oils with a high presence of saturated fats.

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