Coca cola 330ml cans

Coca cola 330ml cans

Item: value

Product Name: Coca Cola Soft Drinks

Brand: Coca Cola

Quality: 100% Original

Packaging: cases / custom


Storage Type: cool place

Specification: 250ml / 330ml / 500 ml / 1L / others

Product Type: Carbonated Drinks

Manufacturer: Coca Cola

Ingredients: natural

Instruction for use: drinking item

Primary Ingredient: Carbonate

Flavor: Soda

Feature: Normal

Additives: no

Brix (%): 0.02

Color: dark brown

Packaging: Bottle, Can (Tinned)

Volume (L): 0.33

Weight (kg): 0.3

Shelf Life: 24 months

Place of Origin: Denmark

Product name: Coca Cola Soft Drinks


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